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Creating the Ceremony

Planning the funeral or memorial service for a loved one can feel overwhelming.  Even when we believe we are prepared, the reality of losing someone important to us can come as a shock and put tremendous strain on many aspects of our lives.  I am here to walk beside you to design a funeral, memorial or graveside service that will honour your family member in a way that reflects their personality and lifestyle. 

Where To Begin

We will begin with meeting either in the comfort of your home or the funeral home of your choice.  Here we will discuss your overall vision for your ceremony or celebration.  It is important for me to use this time so that I may get to know who your loved one was, and what your unique family’s needs are.  I am here to help you find the stories and emotions that are the ones you want to have present in the service.

Together we will also select poems, readings, music, video tributes, prayers and/or other ceremonies to ensure that your loved one’s life will be honoured in a way that reflects the life they have lived.  I am able to make a wide variety of suggestions on the types of components you could include, but ultimately you have full and final approval of your ceremony.  Whether your preference is to include religious or spiritual aspects or none at all, I can help put together a service that will truly be unique to your loved one.  


Designing the ceremony

With information from the family meeting, I will spend time writing, researching and weaving your memories into a meaningful, one-of-a-kind service.  If desired, I will also compose a eulogy that will reflect who your loved one was and what they meant to others, not simply the things they accomplished during their life. 

Conducting The Ceremony

As the officiant, my responsibilities include ensuring the various elements of the service are delivered according to the family's wishes.  I welcome and encourage participation from loved ones and am happy to coordinate the contributions of those who are interested.  However, if there is no one who desires to speak, I can present the personal reflections that represent your memories and conduct the entire ceremony on my own.

I will liaise with your funeral director regarding ceremony details as required as well as provide an electronic copy of the service to you after it has been completed.

I want to help ease the pain of your loss by helping lift the burden of putting together the funeral service.  I am here to make your final goodbye a truly fitting tribute. 

For a great resource centre, check out Love Lives On.

“As our celebrant, you held a sweet and tender space for us and you were eloquent and heartfelt. Gratitude for really joining us and our community
in an important and meaningful ceremony
that will all help us move through grief with greater acceptance, peace and love.”
- Suzanne Gibson, daughter