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 Kind Words from Others

"A brief note to convey my heartfelt thanks for making our dad's service so special.  You led the tribute with such warmth and I know Dad would have appreciated everything you did for us and him.  Kind personal regards."
- Chuck Thompson, Head of Public Affairs, CBC English Services

"Sara Brown performed the ceremony to honour one of my very dear friends. Her words were authentic and meaningful‎, and they truly honoured my friend's life. Her style was warm and down-to-earth, and it truly made the ceremony special. I could not have asked for more from a celebrant at an incredibly important and emotional time. Thank you, Sara!!"

- Kelly Murumets, President & CEO of Tennis Canada

"Sara Brown presided at the memorial service for my friend. I was inspired by her remarks, and know that his family was comforted‎ both by those remarks and the professional and empathetic way Sara oversaw the celebration of my friend's life." 
- David Miller, President & CEO of WWF Canada and Former Mayor of Toronto (2003 - 2010)

"We recently lost both our parents suddenly. They were not religious and so it didn't feel right to seek out a minister. Sara was recommended to us and in a very short time span, guided us through, organized and hosted the celebration for mom and dad. Her experience, knowledge and ability was only surpassed by the kindness and compassion she extended, not only for us, but for our parents as well. Through the whole ordeal, the expression "The Kindness of strangers" kept crossing my mind and after our brief encounter with Sara, we understand that expression more than ever and we will always grateful for her service in such a difficult time. Peter, Katie and I thank-you."- Scott MacKinnon, son

“My 18 year old son lost his father and was insistent that he should personally do the eulogy. Sara worked with him and gave him invaluable support and advice so he was able to write and speak to the audience about his father in the most befitting manner. The service was attended by CEOs, a supreme court justice and the mayor of the city, all who after the ceremony wrote to us about the beautiful tribute my son paid to his father. Sara’s calming influence and insightful feedback enabled this all to happen."
- Deborah Robinson, President and Founder of Bay Street Human Resources, Director of the Board of ViaRail Canada

"I appreciated the opportunity to craft the event with you.  It was an authentic process and you are both empathetic and responsive.  I have to say that over the couple of sessions we had, I a felt a kind of partnership develop with you which was important for the ceremony to feel built to suit Barbara rather than just being a template we selected.  This was very important to me and I thank you."
- Tim Scott, son  

"We were all touched by the beautiful and wonderful service you did for my Dad. You have a true gift and this is definitely your calling!  We were not the only ones impressed. Our family and friends were amazed at how you delivered such a heartfelt and inspirational service."
- Betty Guerreiro, daughter 

"My most sincere gratitude for your grounded, loving and rooted presence yesterday. As our celebrant, you held a sweet and tender space for us and you were eloquent and heartfelt....Gratitude for really joining us and our community in an important and meaningful ceremony that will all help us move through grief with greater acceptance, peace and love."
- Suzanne Gibson, daughter  

"I'm so glad that you were the one who was with us in this time of need. You were a real beacon of light and you helped to steady and calm the waters. Without you I'm afraid it just wouldn't have been what my wife would have wanted. You are a lovely person who has personally touched me and I will never forget your kindness."- Magnus, husband

"Your services are completely different.  You definitely think out of the box and make each service as personal and unique to each family you meet.  You definitely have the warmth, patience, kindness and detail that families look for.  It always seems that you have known the person who has passed away as well as their families for years.  I am proud to recommend you to our families and will continue to do so."  
- Pamela Bussoli, Funeral Director

"You really and truly did my Dad's memory justice with your beautiful words and execution. Your ability to synthesize all of the background material we provided was astounding… and several people noted they thought you "knew Dad".  Most of all, your manner and approach were what we so appreciated during this difficult time. You took the time to really listen to all of our thoughts on Dad, and your preparation and thoughtfulness really showed... We could not have asked for a better, more meaningful, joyous service."  
- Kirsten Chase, daughter 

"Everybody was amazed at how you delivered such a heartfelt and detailed eulogy without ever having met my father.  It is clearly evident that you are passionate about your work and are truly interested in the people you serve through such difficult times."  
- Megan Maar, daughter 

"At the luncheon held after the service, many of my friends spoke about your wonderful eulogy.  They spoke about how inspirational it was - several were going to go home and call their parents. They spoke about how enlightening it was, giving them an insight into my Dad's life that they wouldn't have known about. They spoke about the tone of your delivery, how it was upbeat...a real celebration of life. They spoke about how personal it was." 
- D. Hill, daughter

"You continued to give us options throughout the meeting which ensured that we were not going to receive a “standard” service.  We were impressed even more when you delivered the eulogy. You have a true gift with your public speaking skills.  A number of people have difficulty talking about death, but I know that your service has prompted discussions with people who were at your service to start talking about what they want at their own service." - T. Deegan, son

"The family were very happy with your services and our staff were quite impressed as well. We will definitely be calling you again."  
- Sasha Hill, Managing Funeral Director

"Sara connected the dot between the words "celebrant" and "service" with her undeniable gift and passion.  My husband and I, family and friends felt uplifted by her selfless support in one of the toughest times we have experienced."  
- M. McLean, daughter-in-law

"We only had a short time talking with you about Ed, but you got him!  You understood him and our relationships with him.  I have had several of our friends and relatives tell me that 'it was the best celebration of life they had ever attended'."   
- Priscilla (Percy) Mugford, wife