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Though the topics of death, loss and grief affect us all, our North American society tends to shy away from them.  Sara Brown offers different sessions designed to begin and continue important conversations about these topics in a wide variety of settings.  Her most requested topics are "Keys to Moving Forward in Grief", "Walking with the Brokenhearted" and "How to Leave a Great Legacy".  Each of these topics can be formatted to work either as a workshop or keynote talk. 

Keys to Moving Forward in Grief
Loss is a part of life.  Whether it's the death of someone close, loss of a job or relationship or loss of community when a move is made, it can be an extremely difficult and overwhelming place to be.  Though everyone's grief journey is unique and of course there are no "12 Easy Steps to Healing" to be completed, Sara weaves together her research and her personal and work life experiences to offer six keys to moving forward in your grief.

Walking with Broken Hearted
No matter the type of loss, we often feel the pain of helplessness as we watch the people in our lives go through the various seasons of grief.  What do grieving people need?  What's helpful and what's not?  In "Walking with the Brokenhearted", Sara addresses various approaches to companioning with a grieving person.  

Whether you work in the death care profession, a hospital, school or church setting, or whether you are an individual who simply desires to be a better friend, you will be sure to walk away from this session with renewed energy and confidence that you really can make a significant impact in the lives of people who have suffered loss.

How to Leave a Great Legacy
Using the insights gained through listening to hundreds of grieving families talk about their loved one's stories and legacies as well her own personal experiences, Sara shares the main aspects of a person's life that actually gets talked about "at the end of the day".  Most importantly, this inspiring session highlights the simple but powerful ways each one of us can make our own big impact in our corners of the world. 

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