Since 2007, Sara has enjoyed engaging audiences of 25 - 1000+ people, speaking on topics both within and outside of the death care profession.  Drawing on her extensive experience as a Funeral Celebrant and Celebrant Trainer with Insight Institute, she offers enthusiastic, interactive seminars and webinars for the professional development of various funeral homes' staff and is a dynamic keynote speaker for conventions and events across Canada. Recent and upcoming engagements include conferences with the Ontario Funeral Services Association (OFSA), Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OAFCP), World Vision Canada, Caregivers Luncheons, Women’s Retreats, Annual Memorial Services and more.

Popular topic requests are below and all can be adapted to fit the audience and time frame needed.

Game-Changing Ceremonies:  What Celebrants Can Do For You 
Funeral professionals know that cookie-cutter funerals are no longer serving the needs of the families in their communities and with direct cremation on the rise, we are in the midst of a pivotal season of change.  In this impactful and informative session, Sara highlights the healing that comes from personalized, storytelling services for families in grief and the immense value that adds to the firm. Participants will learn about the history of Celebrants as well as the Canadian trends with current stats from the latest PEW research on North America's changing religious landscape.  Arranging directors will gain insight on how to identify families who would be served well by a Celebrant and how to how to articulate options and choices for families. Ultimately, all attendees will leave inspired and equipped with practical knowledge on how to better family experience, from first call until final meeting.

Ripple Effects: Leaving a Legacy that Lasts
Using the insights gained through listening to hundreds of grieving families share their loved one's stories and legacies as well as drawing from her own personal experiences, Sara shares the main aspects of a person's life that actually gets talked about "at the end of the day".  Most importantly, this inspiring session highlights the simple yet profound ways we can each make our own unique impact in our corners of the world with the time we are gifted with. This session has been well-received as the keynote for Volunteer Appreciation Days for non-profits and Caregivers Luncheons hosted by funeral homes.

Life After Death: Keys to Moving Forward in Grief
Loss is a part of life.  Whether it's the death of someone close, loss of a job or relationship or loss of community when a move is made, it can be an extremely difficult and overwhelming place to be.  Though everyone's grief journey is unique and of course there are no "12 Easy Steps to Healing" to be completed, Sara weaves together her research and her personal and work life experiences to offer six keys to moving forward in your grief.

The Power of Presence: Walking with the Brokenhearted
No matter the type of loss, we often feel the pain of helplessness as we watch the people in our lives go through the various seasons of grief.  What do grieving people need?  What's helpful and what's not?  In this seminar, Sara addresses various approaches to companioning with a grieving person.  Whether you work in the death care profession, a hospital, school or faith community setting, you will be sure to walk away from this session with renewed energy and confidence that you really can make a significant impact in the lives of people who have suffered loss.

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